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Family Dentistry Services in Colleyville, TX

Colleyville Dental's staff explaining dental hygiene to patient's child.
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Family Dentistry

Colleyville Dental is passionate about everything our office provides our patients. We offer complete dental services for everyone in your family. From the youngest child to their grandparents, our services tailor to each individual family member and their specific oral needs.

From general dentistry to cosmetic and sedation services, we have a solution for each and every mouth. Our dental office performs cleanings, fills cavities, performs root canals, offers same-day crowns, replaces missing teeth, corrects chipped or cracked teeth, and whitens smiles. We also offer periodontal procedures, which will help secure your bone to aid in the prevention and recovery of gum disease. Colleyville Dental has all the services needed to protect every family member’s entire mouth.

We have created a place that can allow a child’s first dental visit to be a positive one. Children should see a dentist by the age of 3, and when they come to Colleyville Dental, we give them personalized treatment; with shades, cartoons and a toy at the end of the visit. Our office is dedicated to teaching the future generation how important oral health is, not only for a great looking smile, but also to keep teeth healthy and clean. At the end of the session we can provide you tips to encourage your child’s interest in oral health, even after you leave our dentist office.

It’s important for you to set an example by maintaining your teeth. Always schedule a preventative cleaning every six months for both you and your children. Colleyville knows life can get busy, which is why we send out emails and text messages to remind you when an appointment is suggested. By keeping up with your family’s oral hygiene, you can prevent costly procedures by providing us and yourself ample time to catch any issues while they are still minor.

For a smile you’ll be proud of for an entire life, contact Colleyville Dental today at 817-416-5867!
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